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Quilting Projects

Quilting is a art form that has been around for generations. I have developed a love of this art and have created custom creations for people. I will be offering beautiful quilt items for sale in the near future. If you have a item you would like created for you, contact me and I would be happy to make you your own special keepsake item.

Creating handmade quilt items has become a passion. I love creating these works of art and continue to challenge myself with new fun designs and patterns.

What are you interested in seeing
What Items would you like to see for sale?
How often do you change your home decor?
How likely are you to add a quilted item to your decor?Not at allA bit likelyPretty likelyLikelyVery likelyHow likely are you to add a quilted item to your decor?

Thanks for sharing! We love providing beautiful items for you.

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